Outdoor training – your alternative to the gym

Outdoor training – your alternative to the gym

We are masters of excuses, it is always too cold, too hot, too windy, too wet…

However, there are many good reasons to exercise outdoors and not always to head straight for the gym, if you already are motivated to do a workout anyway.

Here are some of the examples that show the benefits of outdoor training:

Additional challenge!

Up to 30% more calories are burned and therefore outdoor sports help you lose weight quicker. Based alone on the resistance of air two to ten percent more effort are required. This is also true for cycling and many other sports that are practiced outdoors.

Uneven ground and changing slopes are extra challenges posed to you by Mother Nature and giving that additional kick that you might be looking for.

Vitamin D!

When the sun is shining while you are exercising outside the body soaks up the sunlight and forms vitamin D, which is essential for the strengthening of your bones. This does not only help to prevent osteoporosis, but can also help to protect you from degenerative diseases such as dementia. Those who get sufficient vitamin D also have better protection against depression and cancer.

A vitamin D deficiency may lead to cardiovascular diseases, asthma and allergies, and is a risk factor for autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and MS.


When you exercise your breathing becomes stronger, you inhale deeper and thereby get more oxygen into your blood. The cleaner the air, the better. Oxygen stimulates the brain function and helps the body during repair on cells and the like.

Of course, it makes sense to seek out areas away from busy roads. Try jogging and cycling in the park, the woods or the fields.

Better mood!

It has been prove in various studies that there is a correlation between the time spent outdoors and the stress level. Who spends more time outside, is much more relaxed. The higher percentage of oxygen and fresh air the higher is the release of the happiness hormone serotonin. Thus, it an outdoor workout will not only fitter and healthy body, but also good mood.

Total body workout!

Usually you can find all sorts of things that are suitable to train your entire body in the nearest park. Knowing that you are not necessarily dependent on the use of gym. Use benches to do push-ups or step-ups, pull-ups on strong branches and branches lying on the ground to increase coordination. Hills are perfect to train your sprint and to burn fat. It is all there, you just have to use it.

In addition, each branch grabs differently, every square meter of grass in the park has its own imperfections and every staircase different heights. The required adaptability, constantly changing stimuli is way for an all-round fit body.


Depending on the choice of route, running and cycling outdoors are much more varied than running on the treadmill or in spinning in the studio. Those who jog through the countryside and through different cities or landscapes, have much to discover and never get bored. Sometimes it even happens that you even exercise longer than you originally planned.

Next to jogging, cycling and swimming, disciplines such as tennis, golf, football and many other sports are excellent outdoor sports.


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