Running and Music? Yes or No?

Running and Music? Yes or No?

Did you ever wonder about whether you should, or should not listen to music when out running?

Some will say no. But what could possibly be the harm in listening to music when you are out and doing your work-out?

Yes, there is safety that should be taken into consideration.

Are you running in the city? You might risk not hearing a car, a dog chasing you, or get run-over by a bike. Especially, when you are dodging puddles, as you may be these rainy days of the season…

On the other hand, being a beginner,¬†struggling with pain from legs and lungs, good music and the right beats can be a much needed distraction…

A Brazilian research study (published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research) tested the effect of music on 15 runners on a 5k time trial on the track and concluded the following:

When listening to music before your run (“pre-run motivational music” with 110-150 beats per minute) you get mentally ready for the run.

At first you will run faster when listening to music, however, this effect decreases quickly. (In the test the runners ran the first 2 of 12.5 rounds faster; afterwards there almost was no difference in speed compared to running with no music.)

You get less benefits from music the harder you run.

On average you will be faster when listening to music while running. However, the difference was not considered statistically significant. (It was 27:20 vs. 26:45) Others claim that music can help you increase your speed by up to 15%.

Slow music after the run can contribute to recovery.

In summary this means, music can help you increase motivation and performance, as well as recovery, just do not forget your own and others safety: Use the volume-control wisely :)



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